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Established in 2003, Ninti One is an independent, national not-for-profit company that builds opportunities for people in remote Australia through applied on-ground research, innovation and community development.

This means we operate at the nexus of research, policy and practice, with an emphasis on the practical application of research. 

We do this at a community level in remote Australia, which sees us frequently working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and associated organisations.

We also provide independent, proven, professional research and consulting services to a wide range of organisations and enterprises with an interest in remote Australia.

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We aim to:

  • address the high levels of social and economic disadvantage, and to improve the lives of people living in the desert and remote regions of Australia
  • find solutions that address the impact of economic exclusion on people living in the desert and remote areas of Australia
  • increase economic participation of people living in remote and desert areas of Australia by:
    • improving the understanding of Australia's desert and remote regions to make them, and our knowledge of them, an important part of our global competitive advantage
    • increasing the skills and capacity of those people
  • enhance and protect the natural environment within Australia's desert regions and to understand the impact of climate change on this environment and the people who live there.

Our networks of professional practitioners work in high-calibre, multidisciplinary teams that can complete competitive contracts on cross-jurisdictional projects.

In addition, Ninti One manages:

Ninti One is based in Alice Springs, with research hubs and key staff around the country.

The experience for innovating in remote Australia (pdf 1.9MB)

2013-14 Annual Report

2015 Ninti One Annual Review