About Us

Ninti One has a commitment to building research capacity in remote Australia. Ninti One places much importance on the training of its staff.  It is our intention to create a legacy of researchers, staff and thought leaders who are highly skilled and experienced in the subject of remote Australia and its environs.

We do this through our comprehensive staff professional development, education and training programs. Training opportunities include:

  • annual retreats for the Board and Students
  • learning and skill development for Aboriginal Community Researchers
  • annual research meeting
  • training in communication practices, cross-cultural awareness, 4WD and safety
  • conferences, seminars and short courses


Aboriginal Community Researchers

Ninti One has a commitment to train and employ a network of Aboriginal Community Researchers.

Aboriginal Community Researchers are trained in qualitative and quantitative research methods, with ongoing professional development taking place both in remote Australia on the job and at regular in-house workshops. Researchers are also given ongoing support and mentoring.

Learn more about the Aboriginal Community Researcher program.

Student Program

Ninti One recruits students – PhD, Honours, Masters, VET and vacation students – and provides them all with a program of extensive training, learning and development.

Recruited through our partner organisations and networks, the Ninti One Scholarship Program and targeted advertising, students are fully embed into our research teams, gaining first-hand experience on the issues and complexities of remote Australia.

During the course of their studies, they are supervised by our researchers, a participant from the end-user group, fortnightly teleconferences, monthly project briefings, regular training workshops and an annual student retreat.