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Partner Benefits

Partner Benefits

There are many benefits in partnering with a diverse and collaborative organisation that works across disciplines such as Ninti One.

For partners, we:

  • deliver new knowledge in the form of research results and research training
  • work with our partners to broker new opportunities, services and employment
  • share our research results and their application
  • collaborate on the implementation of practical, on-the-ground projects that deliver benefits to end-users
  • deliver intellectual property, commercial outcomes and information in a form that facilitates its adoption.

For our researchers, we:

  • offer scope to explore new fields related to the remote regions of the Australian continent
  • develop your capacity to operate across very large distances
  • enable you to partner successfully with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other remote organisations and industries.


Examples of Ninti One’s partnership delivery include:

  • investigation of the value chain to enable remote communities to establish and develop the market for bush foods
  • investigation of mobility among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, establishing a new basis for service delivery and community development across remote Australia
  • technologies for managing pastoral enterprises so that more precise information on animal weight gain and loss can lead to improved price at the point of sale
  • water management technologies for pastoral enterprises and for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander settlements
  • pioneering study of desert tourism and its benefits to remote Australians 
  • research into the drivers of success and failure in desert enterprises remote livestock management technologies
  • research into governance for remote communities
  • improved understanding of the management of desert landscapes, including fire regimes, erosion risk, and invasive plants and animals.

Research may be available either on a commercial-in-confidence basis or in the public domain. In either case, our partners benefit from early access to new knowledge and technology.

Depending on the individual contract, under legal agreements partners can also be shareholders in specific intellectual property generated by the research.